Ronney Di Scenza's Biography

Born in Ohio in 1954, Ronney Di Scenza began drawing when he was three years old. His Italian heritage also exposed Di Scenza to art at a very young age. Through several trips to Italy during summer vacation, his parents introduced him to the work of the masters. These influences throughout his early development are still evident in his work today.

In 1970, his family moved to Long Island, and Di Scenza began his formal training at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. There, he was awarded a scholarship, earned his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, and became the youngest instructor at the school. He taught undergraduate courses in illustration when he was only twenty years old.

Soon after, Di Scenza began his career as a freelance editorial artist, producing artwork for Ballantine Books, Doubleday, RCA Records, Field and Stream, Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine. Later, when working at Tiffany and Company, Di Scenza was assigned to design jewelry and art objects such as Washington Commemorative Plates, and Battersea boxes for the anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

In 1995, Di Scenza began what would be a major life change. While vacationing in Italy, in the hometown of his parents, he was so drawn to the beauty of the land and its people that he decided to spend some extra time to paint for his portfolio. In Italy he found an "aura of light" rarely seen anywhere else in the world. And, it was during these months that he met his inspiration and muse, Maria.

Today, Di Scenza resides in the picturesque province of Molise with Maria and their young son.

Di Scenza's work can be seen in galleries in the United States and Italy. In addition, his art appears in the permanent collections of many Long Island and New York corporations, as well as private collections. Notably, his commissioned painting of N'Diocitta, is currently displayed in the Papal residency.