Hei Feng's Biography

Born in 1965 in Gan Su, China, Hei Feng started learning the basics in art at 5 years old. His formal studies began in 1973 when he was instructed in the Northwest Chinese style. In 1980, he attended the Chinese People's University in Beijing focusing on oil painting. Feng became a teacher in 1988 at the Research Institute of Chinese Art, synthesizing oil painting and Chinese style painting. The result was a unique personal style, coined the "Black Wind Style" by the art circle in Beijing. In his pursuit to paint in a way that simultaneously represents and transcends the present time, Feng created "Timism Art". Hei Feng immigrated to the United States in 1989.

Feng concentrates his talents on a surreal style that combines art and music in an enchanting way. His paintings make music come alive, transcending the confines of the canvas or paper, a joyous expression of poetry. We hear the music in a visual way which opens our senses to a universal harmony.

1990 Chinese Art Center Alhambra, CA
1991 Ugolino Gallery Italy
1998 Asia Pacific Art Center Taiwan
1998 Torrance Museum Torrance, Ca
2000 Shuanho Art Center Singapore
2002 Don O'Melveny Gallery Hollywood, CA