Xiaoen's Biography

Xiaoen Wang was born in Shengyang, China in 1959. He attended the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts and received his B.A. degree in 1985. Wang was then hired as a teacher at the LuXun Academy to teach oil painting and watercolor.

Painting predominantly street scenes and landscapes, Xiaoen's works are exciting and dynamic interpretations. The remarkable effects he achieves are a combination of expressive and powerful brushstrokes, and dashes and splashes of brilliant colors. In addition, the dramatic lighting of his paintings results in quite remarkable compositions.

Xiaoen's works were exhibited in the Art Show of China and he has received many awards. He has also worked for the Studio of Chinese Historical Painting, and some of his paintings were kept by the state historical museums. He has exhibited in personal and group shows in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.

In 2000, Xiaoen immigrated to the United States where he has continued to express his passion for art.