Uri Dushy's Biography

Uri Dushy was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1963. He studied art at the School of Art in Tel Aviv and took additional courses with leading artists to learn advanced techniques in different media.

Uri is a multi-media artist who creates unique "photocollages" that incorporate photographs, sometimes computer generated, of industrial sights, landscapes, ancient cities, etc. These photographs are printed on canvas, which inspire Dushy to develop a narrative by enhancing the canvas with oil or acrylic painted images, and a metamorphosis results. These evolved and complex pieces are thought provoking in that the realism of the photographs coalesces with Dushy's painted additions making an intriguing piece of experimental art.

In addition to his photocollages, the multi-talented Dushy creates large sculptural installations, applies his photocollages to videography, and is a talented musician as well.

Dushy's works are included in many art collections, enhance corporate headquarters and are integrated into sales exhibits and advertising campaigns.


Halicon Opera Moscow
Series of Works Reshet Television
The "Bodies Series" Tara Theatre Group
Iron Figure Sculptures Givatalim Kfar Sabe, Ganei Tikva & the Tel Aviv Exhibition Park
Sculpture Display Doron Polack Artists' Museum (2003)D