Gadi Fraiman's Biography

Gadi Fraiman was born in Israel in 1958. A member of the Kibbutz Mishmar David, Gadi is a "man of the land". He began sculpting when he was 24 years old and it has become a central part of his life.

Fraiman has an intimate relationship with the raw rock, wood or metal he sculpts. The materials he uses retain their inherent beauty; areas of roughness, innate or from the chisel contrast with smoothed, finely finished surfaces. And, the veins in the stone or the grains of the wood become an integral part of each design. Every work, too, possesses an almost musical quality, with rhythmic movement and an intricate play of light. Glimpses of the human form become apparent among the undulating forms and amorphous shapes. It's unusual that a sculptor is able to use such a variety of materials with such adeptness. Moreover, it is impressive that a sculptor's emotions are so fully realized in each of his creations.

In 2002, Fraiman established a school of sculpture for works in stone and bronze. In addition to his more personal works, Fraiman has created environmental sculptural installations at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, the Scince Park in Nes Ziona and other public places throughout Israel and Europe.


1988 Safrai Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
1989 Solo Exhibition Antverpen, Belgium
1990 Solo Exhibition Gestadt, Switzerland
1991 Solo Exhibiton Bruges, Belgium
1992 Hilton Gallery Jerusalem, Israel
1996 Group Exhibition Japan