Tito's Biography

Born Juan Antonio Gomez in Havana, Cuba, in 1953, "Tito" kept his nickname from his childhood. Tito attended the Academy San Alejandro, the most famous art school in the Caribbean. He then studied at the Instito de Diseno de la Havana where he was awarded the top prize for graphic arts, which allowed him to paint for the state. Of course, under Castro's Cuba where propaganda replaces advertising, Tito produced posters for Castro's speeches and hospitals, and he also created the logo of La Cuban de Aviacion, among many other projects. Fortunately, Tito was able to create paintings on the side that reflected his real style and passion. In 1997, Tito became an independent artist, exhibiting his works not only in Cuba, but throughout Europe, North and South America, and Africa.

Tito's style reflects his Caribbean heritage, especially the traditions of La Cuenca del Caribe, a region known for its mix of cultures and races. His primitive and distorted figures are a confluence of brilliant colors and sinuous shapes, resulting in powerful and impassioned images. Tito's emotions seem to pour out of his paintings leaving the spectator fully absorbed into Tito's world.

Today, Tito lives in Miami, Florida, where he is able to devote all his time to painting.This exciting and talented artist has exhibited widely, and has won numerous awards.

Ephemere Gallery Switzerland
Gallery Tara 30700 Uzes France
Senthal Gallery Soho New York
Stella & Bueno Art Gallery La Haya, Holland
Casa Davidoff New York

1ST Prize National Drawing and Paintings Aficionado, Ministry of Culture
2nd Prize Symbol of Cuba, International Exposition Okinawa Japan
1st Prize Provincial Drawing and Painting, Ministry of Culture
1st Prize IX Salon Hall of Graphics
1st Prize Bienal of Design

Exposition of Pieles Moscow, Russia
More than 80 public billboards
More than 120 public Villas