Yuri Tremler's Biography

Yuri Tremler was born in the Ukraine in 1961. He attended the College of the Arts in Kharkov. He later continued his studies at the Kharkov Art & Design Academy as well as at the Gall Design School in Germany. After that, he returned to Kharkov and worked as a metal smith theater decorator.

Tremler immigrated to Israel in 1996 where he worked in crafts, industrial design, interior design, jewelry design, and participated in many exhibitions. After exploring new media to work with, he finally decided to dedicate himself almost exclusively to painting in 1998.

The artist's striking and spontaneous palette clearly expresses a gamut of emotional states and moods. Painted with the accuracy of a designer and the delicacy of a colorist, his works both inspire and calm. He uses the female form and contrasts it with geometric shapes in his paintings. The contrast between the stasis of his stylized female silhouettes and the dynamic interaction of his brightly colored patches and complex textures creates a feeling of internal peace, balanced with the harmony of the external world.

Tremler's works reveal a pronounced decorativeness, giving them a luxurious and pleasurable tone. The richness of the artist's palette is eye-catching. The vertical and horizontal lines in one of his geometric works swim and blur. Crystalline squares and objects blend with feminine silhouettes, moving whimsically from light to shadow, reflecting each other. Flowers and women, vases and goblets come to a halt in scattered, multicolored cubes. Tremler's paintings move from emotions and remain in the imagination. His works are now exhibited in galleries and art shows throughout Israel and the United States.

2000 Gesher Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2001 Square Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2002 BLD Fine Art NJ, USA
2002 The Opera Tower Art Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2003 Ridgewood Art Gallery NJ, USA
2004 Art Expo NY, USA
2004 Kingston Gallery NY, USA
2005 Art Expo Atlanta, GA, USA
2005 Art Expo NY, USA