Ayala Be'er's Biography

Ayala Be'er was born in 1950 in the scenic Lake Kineret area of Israel, the northern section of the famous Sea of Galilee. Growing up in the majestic nature of this picturesque valley of lakes, birds and hills inspired the young Ayala to paint the beautiful scenery that surrounded her. Her painting style, a hyper-realistic technique, captures the true emotion of her subject as if one were looking into a photograph.

As a young student, Ayala studied with a group of artists from the western United States including the renowned artist Yento Sobel. In 1968 she won the prestigious Prize of Art given by the city of New York. She continued to study various subjects of art, and in 1983 she was accepted by the Artist-Sculptor Committee in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

In 1991 Ayala Be'er went to France and became a member of the artist society. In 2000, she was featured in the Jerusalem Museum of Art. Her current paintings include realistic images of various subjects including still life, landscapes, portraiture and dreamlike scenery.


Gallery 13 1/2 Tel-Aviv, Israel
Tirosh Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel
Gesher Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel
Bernard Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel
Jewish Museum of Art Jerusalem
Israel International Art Expo New York, NY