Elio Chiesa's Biography

Elio Chiesa was born in Florence, Italy in 1950. After attending the local Fine Arts Academy in Florence, Chiesa decided to dedicate his life to painting. Having been born in the magnificent city of Florence, Chiesa talent was no doubt enriched by the incredible wealth of art around him. Florence was the heart of the Renaissance movement in the early 1400's and its evidence is found everywhere.

Chiesa says, however, that he has never followed any particular art movement, nor was he ever swayed by any current trends. Instead, Chiesa has always preferred to listen to that "voice from within". Chiesa's paintings, mostly images of his native land, reflect the amazing vistas, the glorious hillsides and the lush fields of flowers of Italy's spectacular countryside. Fortunately for us, his visions are now ours to enjoy.

Chiesa has taken part in numerous important personal and collective exhibitions.


Rome San Marco Gallery 1984
Florence Premio Toscana 1992
Naples Ars Classica 1995 Silver Medal
London Fine Art Prize 1998 2nd Place