Victoria Fuller's Biography

Victoria Fuller was born in 1970 in Santa Barbara, California. Her parents divorced when she was young and so was raised by her mother and stepfather in California, while her father raised her brothers in Boston. Raised as an only child, Fuller spent much of her time alone, drawing in her room. Always having the desire to be an artist, her life took several different turns before coming full circle.

At five years of age she took swimming lessons, which she excelled at, winning numerous awards. Tall, athletic and attractive, Fuller became a true California girl, practically living on the beach with the surfer crowd. Never losing her desire to become an artist, at 23 she moved to Los Angeles and took art classes at Pierce College. One day she took a modeling job as a favor for a friend, and this is when she was discovered as a model for Playboy Magazine. Modeling for Playboy has opened many doors for Fuller. She has traveled the world and met many interesting people, never losing sight that art is her real passion.

Victoria Fuller's art is quite unique and fascinating in that it is strongly influenced by her life with Playboy. The "bunny" theme permeates most of her work. She has applied her artistic talents to every media: paintings, prints and sculpture. Working in a contemporary "Pop" style, her pieces are skillfully executed, quite distinctive and visually entertaining.