Jovan Obican's Biography


Jovian Obican was born in Cannes, France, of Yugoslav parents. Encouraged by his parents to study law, a young Obican succeeded in earning a law degree, but did not desire to practice. Instead, young Obican worked as a journalist, a student of sculpture, and was an organizer of cultural-entertainment activities among other art related jobs.

A dynamic personality, it has been said that Obican's art was in his own shadow. Divided between Europe and America where he maintained his own personal art connections, Obican was often absent from the domestic art scene, preferring to develop his own vision.

As an artist, Obican was more interested in quintessential man and his history. Psychological interpretations of man were of little interest to the artist; Romanticism, however, was at the foundation of the artist's creations. Through his art, Obican found reason for optimistic poetry and persevered in his proposition that art lives in a parabolic form, in its behavior, play, humor and offensive situations to which fate brought it.

Obican was a prolific artist. When creating new pieces, he painted with apprehension. His impatience to complete a work was legendary. Constantly experimenting, he used oils, temperas, watercolors, graphics, collages, tapestries, and enamels in his work.

On the occasion of his death, a large retrospective exhibition of Obican's artwork was organized in Dubrovnik, Croatia, SW Yugoslavia, in 1987 to sufficiently acknowledge the artist's lifetime of work.