Aguilar Navarra's Biography

Aguilar Navarra was born in Peru in 1976. Since he was a young child, he showed a great interest in drawing, but his family forced him to study computer programming.

Due to his innate ability, Navarra was able to complete his computer studies at a very young age. When he became 20 years old, he was teaching and making a very comfortable living. A few years later, Navarra met a well known artist, Adela Vildoso who introduced him to the world of painting. Navarra abandoned his teaching profession and has dedicated his life to a fulfilling career in painting.

Navarra has an inherently exquisite style. His paintings are reminiscent of the fine Dutch artists who mastered this skill of the still life: artists such as Claesz, Bosschaert & de Heem. By focusing on only a few subjects; i.e. a glass of wine, a cluster of grapes and an apple, Navarra makes the simplest of compositions a beautiful piece of art.

Navarra has sold his work to private collectors across South America and the United States.