Alexandra Nechita's Biography

Alexandra Nechita, born in Romania in 1985, was considered a child prodigy by art connoisseurs throughout the world. She was two years old when she began drawing, and at age seven, Nechita was painting in oils and acrylics on canvas. She had her first solo exhibit at eight, and since then her talent has been described in superlatives, remarkable and mature beyond her years. Her art, in fact, has been so exceptional respected art critics have trouble categorizing her work since it displays such an extraordinary sense of color, composition, subject matter and style.

Compared to the likes of Picasso, the art of the primitive CoBrA School and Kandinsky; Nechita's art did not evolve into this unique modernist abstract style. Instead, she seems to have developed a language all her own. She completely infuses her feelings and spirituality directly onto the canvas, a concept that seems to elude even the most seasoned painters. Not averse to experimentation, Nechita has with great facility applied this clarity of vision and expression onto different mediums, such as printmaking and sculpture with great success.

Nechita has received accolades galore from museum curators, art critics and art lovers alike. She has had countless solo exhibitions throughout the world since the age of eight. She has appeared on CNN, 20/20, MTV and BBC. Nechita's talent has been described on the pages of Newsweek, Le Monde Paris, Art News and Esquire; and books about her incredible life have already been written. In addition, she has contributed to such philanthropic causes as Special Olympics, UNICEF, the Red Cross and Community of Angels. Her commissions include the Grammy Awards, the Polaroid Corporation and the Andre Agassi Foundation. Alexandra Nechita's pieces are in great demand and hang in the private collections of such notables as Oprah Winfrey, Calvin Klein, Lee Iococca, David Letterman, Catherine Deneuve, among countless others. Her works are also part of the corporate collections of Delta Airlines, The Offices of former President Bill Clinton, Harpo Productions, Nautica International, Starlight Children's Foundation, Operation Hope, The Walt Disney Corporation, et al. Her work has been exhibited in such prestigious venues as Switzerland's Petit Palace, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and the Vatican in Rome.

Lowe Art Museum in Coral Gables, Florida
Embassies in London, The Hague, Rome, Paris, Geneva
Imperial Collection of His Majesty Emperor Akihito, Tokyo
National Museum of Art, Romania

"The Most Fascinating Woman of the Year" CBS TV, New York
"Gold Key", Van Gogh Institute, France
"100 Most Interesting People", People Magazine
"Light of the Future", Imagination Celebration, NEA, NASA
"Outstanding Artist of the Year", Nubreed Synergy of the Arts, Lincoln Center, NY
"Special Olympics Award"
"Lifetime Achievement" FOX TV
"Woman of the Year", American Red Cross