Bruno Luna's Biography

Bruno Luna was born in Mexico City in 1963. His first introduction to art was in a painting workshop with Professor Robin Bond in Mexico City. He later went on to study architecture and graphic design at the Anahuac University. Soon after, Luna began working as an assistant to the famous sculptor Marcelo Morandin. After three years, Luna began traveling the world, studying art history and marketing. When he returned, Luna was ready to embark on his career as sculptor.

All his experiences influenced Luna's distinctive approach to sculpture, in which "voluptuousness is converted into aesthetics". The combination of his knowledge of art history, working in Morandin's studio, his worldly travels and Mexico's stylistic influences culminated in a uniquely cubist and expressive sculptural style.

Presently, Luna's sculpture remains his passion. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is owned by such diverse collectors as Prince Ranier and Chevy Chase, among many others.


Palace of Fine Arts Mexico City
Tate Gallery San Francisco
Gallerie Vendome Palm Springs
Hotel El Presidente Geneva
Ambassador Gallery New York
Hemisphere Gallery Scottsdale
Galeria Las Brisas Acapulco