Quispe Gilmer's Biography

An emerging artist with lots of talent, Quispe MalcaGilmer is one of the most promising South American artists from the last few years. His specialty is the antiquing technique learned in the ateliers of his masters Bartolome Luzanquis, Edilmer Sanchez and Jorge Arribasplata.

Born in the countryside of San Miguel de Cajamarca, in Peru, where his famous uncle, the poet Demetrio Quiroz Maica, resided, Gilmer comes from a family of artists, that emigrated to the capital, Lima. His trade was initially carpentry, which he decided to change due to the great results he was obtaining in painting. Gilmer's works are comprised primarily of still-lifes, which are complicated in composition and intricate in detail. They are impressive renderings that can be compared to the unique style of the great Dutch masters.

Gilmer has participated in several group exhibitions and his paintings are in the hands of worldwide collectors.