Augustin Castro's Biography

Augustin Castro Lopez was born in 1958 , in Mexico City. He studied at Taller de Artes Plasticas Bachilleres and the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving both in Mexico City.

Castro paints lush and exotic tropical scenes that have a surrealistic ambiance. His clarity of vision and brilliant colors result in extremely appealing and seductive paintings. Castro's scenes include crystalline waters, swaying palm trees, lagoons and ever present frolicking dolphins. The spectator is totally drawn into Castro's vision, and certainly a paradise like this is a most welcome respite. Castro's painting technique is appealing, his colors are at once intense, yet soothing, and his subject matter is engaging.

Castro has shown his work extensively in both one-man and group shows. In addition, he has been commissioned to create murals for at the Universidad de la Concepcion in Chile, and at the Museo de Historia Nacional in Puebla.


2002 Galeria Oscar Roman Mexico City
Sala Leopoldo Mendez
2001 Galeria del Tiempo Mexico City
1994 Galeria Azzul Espacio Miami, Florida

2002 Exhibition of Art South Beach, Florida
2001 Museo Rufino Tamayo Mexico City
1996 XXVII International Festival Cagnes-de-Mer, France