Lenner Gogli's Biography

Lenner Gogli was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1964. Since the age of four, Gogli has loved to paint, and she has been painting ever since. After attending the High School of Art in Budapest, she studied at the Budapest School of Wood Sculpting. In 1991, Gogli graduated from Obada University, and became an art instructor at that same university for the next 4 years. In 1995, she moved to Israel where she furthered her studies at the Avni School of Art.

When Gogli made her move to Israel, everything changed in terms of her painting. Her imagery became more abstract in general, and then later she incorporated the more realistic flowers on abstract surfaces for which she is so well known. Her floral pieces are so appealing because while the flowers are the focal point, the bursts of color, the abstract background and rawness of the canvas present a gratifying interplay. Most importantly, Gogli has the uncanny ability to capture the emotions we feel when we look at a rose, or any flower for that matter. Her intense pencil marks seem to accentuate particular areas, like punctuations marks, and these tie all the pieces together at the same time.

In Gogli's more abstract pieces, the observer seems to be viewing the core of the picture through a window. The central part of the picture is hard to discern, is it boats on rough waters, sails bellowing, or just our imagination? Gogli utilizes different textures and painting techniques, from thick impasto brush strokes to transparent washes all culminating in works that are awash in satisfying colors and movement. "One solution to holding on to beauty is to paint it. In paintings it stays with us a lifetime," Gogli observes.

Today, Gogli lives and paints in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has her work exhibited in many corporate collections, such as Intel Corporation, British Airways, Hebrew University and RAD Corporation.


1993 Hungarian National Gallery Budapest, Hungary
1995/1996 Amalia Arbel Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
1997/1998 Ambiente Frankfurt, Germany
1998 Spring Fair Birmingham, England
2000 Art Expo Colon, Germany
2002 Europ'Art Paris, France