Suzanne Marie's Biography

Suzanne Marie raised in Highland Park, Illinois, was introduced to art at a young age by her father, an aspiring painter. As a child, she attended the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago and later was admitted to the School of Fine Art at Southern Illinois University. Upon completion of her studies, Marie left the United States to teach in Venezuela, discovering the distinctive Latin American culure, which still influences her work. Upon returning to the U.S., Marie settled down in the artist community of Venice, California.

Marie describes her body of work as "an expression of promise, a tapestry of images, a celebration of light." Her painting are a blend of "metaphors- symbolic shapes and hues- harmoniously combined with its distinctive technique."

Suzanne Marie is dedicated to using her visibility as an artist to support a world of peace and equality. Her work has helped raise funds internationally for development centers for women and children.

Today, Marie lives with her two sons in the beach community of Del Mar, California. She has exhibited her work extensively and her art is displayed in many corporate and private collections.


Horn Gallery Netherlands
Laguna Beach Museum of Art Laguna Beach, CA
New York Art EXPO New York City
Baltimore Opera Baltimore, MD
Thomas Charles Gallery Las Vegas, NV
Seibu Tokyo


Shimon Peres Former Prime Minister of Israel
Development Center for Women & Children Las Vegas, NV
UCLA Dept. of Pediatrics Los Angeles, CA
City of Jerusalem Center for Battered Women Jerusalem, Israel