Sergio Martinez's Biography

Sergio Martinez was born in Concepcion, Chile, in 1966. He is a self-made artist who began to develop his artistic talents at a very early age.

In the first step os Martinez' art production, he identifies his technique as "descriptive realism." During this stage, his works showed a special command of drawing and form, as well as a pure and elegant handling of color. His main theme during this period was landscapes.

In the early 90's, he focused on the human figure, especially nudes, which proved to be his most important theme during that period.

By the end of the 90's, we find Martinez with his artistic academism, abandoning his pre-Raphael resemblance. This change allowed new forms of interpretation to appear in his work. Having discovered the great qualities of acrylic paint, he began to work almost exclusively in that medium. His most important evolution, however, took place at the heart of his work, inside himself. This resulted in his moving away from the strict details of drawing, form and color, toward images created by a softness of handling, mood and composition.

Martinez has had 25 individual exhibitions. Below is a list of Selected Exhibitions:

2002 Art Gallery Ana Maria Matthei Santiago, Chile
2001 Art Hall French Alliance Concepcion, Chile
1997 Chilean-North American Institute of Culture Concepcion, Chile
1993 Dr. Gregorio Alvarez Museum Neuquen, Argentina
1992 Hantho Gallery Haugessunds, Norway