Elaine Murphy's Biography

Elaine Murphy was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1967. Having an affinity and passion for creative drawing and design, Murphy studied at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, winning numerous awards for excellence. In 1985, Murphy came to Washington D. C. to teach art at Our Lady of Lourdes School, and had a one-woman exhibition that was sold out at Dobbin's in Dublin, Ireland.

After performing as a high fashion model in London and Dublin, Murphy became the fashion coordinator and primary illustrator for the renowned fashion designer Zandra Rhodes of London. At the same time, she designed and illustrated for many women's and high fashion magazines, such as "Image", "Women's Way" and "U".

In the early 90's, Murphy moved to Boston where she became art director of Pavo Real Gallery and where she designed her own collection of uniquely stylized Celtic jewelry. In 1993, Murphy relocated to Naples, Florida to became Director of Gallery I, and at the same time, designed her exotic ceramics and plates. She also designed special projects for various world renowned companies such as Wedgewood China, Waterford Crystal and the River Dance Theatrical Dance Company. In 2000, Murphy relocated to Palm Desert, California, to pursue her own inimitable style in fine art painting and portraits.