Danko's Biography

Danko was born in the the port city of El Callao in Peru in1962. Greatly influenced by his artistic parents, both dancers and lovers of the arts, Danko was exposed at an early age to the strong and dramatic works of the best Peruvian artists.

Danko graduated from Escuela de Bellas Artes in Lima, Peru. He became a art teacher at the Escuela Superior de Formacion Artistica de San Pedro de Cajas. In addition, he was in charge of Social Projection and Administration of the E.S.F.A.

Danko's paintings are beautiful studies of primarily street scenes that are reflect his comprehensive training in the arts and his deep appreciation of the works of the Masters. His neo-impressionistic style is most appealing; his compositions, technique and rich palette are exquisite.

1994 Muestra Pintorica de la Expconea 1994 Huancayo, Peru
1993 II Salon Anual- Sala de la Cultura Lima, Peru
1992 Anuario 1992-Salon de Actos Lima, Peru
1991 Un Honour of San Francisco de Asis Lima, Peru
1990 Bodegones de Estudiantes de Artes Lima, Peru