Levy Dorit's Biography

Dorit Levy was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1952. She graduated from the Wizo France Art School located in Tel Aviv. Although she is Israeli born, Dorit has lived in Africa and Iran and the influences from these areas are reflected in her paintings. Her rich colors and complex textures are derived from Africa, a continent filled with warm vast savannahs. Her stay in Iran is reflected in the exotic patterns and colorful images that permeate her work.

Dorit's paintings reflect her celebration of life. Her engaging compositions consisting of joyous dancing figures and musicians transport the viewer into the artist's harmony filled world. The birds appearing in her images represent the souls of the protagonists; "search for the heart and soul of the dancers and musicians and you will feel spiritually rewarded."

The technique Dorit uses is a complicated procedure that consists of careful planning. First, she decides on background color, followed by a sketches of the composition. She then draws onto the canvas adding color and volume as she proceeds. After 7 to 10 layers using this procedure, she divides the painting into geometrical shapes, each painting having its own set of "metaphorical lines."

Dorit has her work displayed in various galleries and collections throughout the world including Israel, Canada, France, Japan and the United States.