Avi Ben-Simhon's Biography

Avi Ben-Simhon was born in Fez, Morrocco. Upon the establishment of Israel in 1948, he emigrated to Israel. Spending his childhood in Jerusalem, Ben-Simhon served in the Israeli Army. Upon completion of his service, he joined a group of friends and founded Kibbutz Eyal. He began his studies at the Avni Art Institute and subsequently attended the Kallisher Institute for Contemporary Art.

Ben-Simhon began his career by teaching art and graphic printing in Israel while pursuing his passion, creating art. His graphic background apparent in his work, Ben-Simhon has created a unique and dynamic contemporary style. Influenced by the Fauvists brilliant colorations, the Cubists interesting perspective, and the art of stained glass, Ben-Simhon's paints powerful images.

Ben-Simhon's work has been exhibited in various group and one-man shows throughout Israel, France, Canada and the United States.