Sveta Esser's Biography

Born in Russia in 1974, Esser had a privileged upbringing. Encouraged by her parents to pursue her passion, she studied at the Yekaterinburg College of Art, located in the Russia's Ural Mountains, known for its scenic beauty. It was at college where she met her future husband, Alex Pauker, and where she earned her first art degree.

Upon graduation, Esser, along with Pauker, began their journey traveling the world, in search of adventure and inspiration. In Europe, she was captivated by the scenery and enrolled in a student exchange program. She remained there for several years and earned her second degree. During her studies, she also worked as an illustrator and a creative consultant at a publishing house.

Esser states, "The colorfulness of the countryside, the flowers that never stop blooming, and the sunshine all influence my paintings and the colors I decide to use." By applying intense, pure colors with a palette knife and mixing her colors before they are applied to the canvas, Esser's works achieve a magical, ethereal quality. Although, each of her paintings consists of a different palette, each work is comprised of intense, saturated colors that relate to each other in a unique and very satisfying way. Esser's vibrant colors combined with her contemporary style, in fact, are perfect for capturing the simple beauty of Israel, and Europe, from Germany to Tuscany.

Sveta Esser lives with her husband and her two children in an artists' village in Haifa, Israel. There they share a studio which enables the two artists to critique each other's works. "There is always improvement in our work because we always review each other and I see what he should add to his paintings, and he also tells me". Indeed, their life together as artists and the camaraderie they share in this creative environment can only enhance their work exponentially. "All our life revolves around art," says Esser.

Esser's work can be found in many private collections in Israel, Europe and the United States, and is exhibited in numerous galleries as well as museums.