Antonio Tamburro's Biography

Antonio Tamburro was born in Italy in 1948. After attending art school, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he studied under professor Giovanni Brancaccio, a lecturer and one of the most important painters in Italy in the fifties.

In 1968, Tamburro attended a painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, under the direction of professor Franco Gentilini, whose paintings are in the most prestigious public collections in Rome. While in Rome, Antonio began exhibiting his paintings in some of Rome's most famous galleries, drawing the acclaim of both critics and the public. In the same year, he created scenery for several operas held in the famous Plavio Vespasiano Theatre of Rieti.

After painting many works for public buildings, Tamburro was asked to teach at the Academy of Fine Arts of Spoleto. By 1981, he left teaching permanently to dedicate himself exclusively to painting. Art reviewers took a strong interest in Tamburro and many editorials were dedicated to his works.

Between 1983 and 1996, receiving wide public acclaim, Tamburro's paintings were exhibited in a one-man show at one prestigious art gallery after another, including a survey of his work held in the Teodora Art Gallery of Toronto, Canada.

To this day, the world's most recognized art magazines continue writing articles on what they like to consider a modern day master.