Jane Seymour's Biography

British born, Jane Seymour most famous for her long lasting and successful acting career, has evolved into a present day renaissance woman. In additon to writing, producing, fashion designing and charity work, Seymour has become an accomplished artist. Born in 1951,the daughter of a British obstetrician and Dutch mother, Seymour trained for a career in ballet which was cut short by an injury. Instead, she pursued acting, moved to the United States, began landing parts, and her career blossomed. She has won numerous awards and recognition for her acting, appearing in such productions as "Somewhere in Time", "Live and Let Die" and of course "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", among many others.

Seymour finds sanctuary and peace in her art studio. A lover of culture and nature, she has created exceptional oil paintings, watercolors and limited editions. Her talent as a watercolorist, in fact, led to the production of a series of greeting cards sold to support her charities. One of her images was featured on a special Discover card, raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, following the work's charity auction at the Guggenheim Museum.

Now living in Malibu, California, with a 15th century historic manor near Bath, England, Seymour raises 6 children with her husband, and still finds time to nurture her extraordinary careers, in addition to creating beautiful art.