Omar Mateus's Biography

Omar Mateus was born in San Gil, Colombia, South America. Educated at the Fine Arts Academy in Cali, Colombia, Mateus extended his studies in drawing and painting in various techniques including air brush and mixed media. He intensively worked in his studio studying animal and human anatomy and this reflected in the quality of his work.

Cartagena Art, Cartagena Colombia
Arte Creti, Cali, Colombia
Casa de la Cultura, Barichara, Colombia
4th Salon of Visual Arts, Pamplona, Colombia
Municipal Library Gallery, Tulua, Colombia

1992 Matisse Gallery - Valencia, Venezuela
1989 Museo Ecopetrol "Ecopetrol 38 Years" Barranca, Colombia
1986 "El Mundo de los Toros" Palma de Mayorca, Spain

1994 Banco de la Republica "103 National Police" - Bucaramanga, Colombia
1986 Visit of the Pope - Over life-size portrait of the Pope - Santander, Colombia