Alexander Gore's Biography

Alexander Gore was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1958, where he spent the first 21 years of his life. From the age of 5, he began frequenting museums in St. Petersburg and in regional towns from the Baltic to the Black Seas. He sought to absorb every aspect of the rich world of art and culture. Upon reaching his 21st birthday, Gore was prepared to embark on an artistic career. However, he felt inhibited by the structure and rigid nature of the Soviet state.

In 1980, he emigrated to New York City continuing his search for an arena where he could attain full artistic expression. He experienced the overwhelming feeling of freedom after arriving in New York. In the following years, he traveled for many months in Central America, experiencing the primitive beginnings of man, art and life. The influence of Central American and Caribbean art is visible in Gore's current work.

After 10 years of painting in New York, the artist moved to Miami The great change of the light and shade prompted him to paint weightless forms unknown to nature: he unlocked his vital energy and creative spirit.

Gore's style of art reflects a powerful surrealist influence and incorporates his many travel experiences. He paints abstract and semi-abstract forms, weightless in time and space. His art expresses an alternative view of reality- one without borders or limitations.

"The curved line is a basic element of nature. It has a vitality and energy unknown to the straight line". Gore has created his own style of art the he calls "Agorism", a style based on that principle.

Gore's work has been shown in many museums, art galleries and auction houses around the world, including Washington D.C., New York and Miami.