Ronnie Wood's Biography

Ronnie Wood was born in Middlesex, England , in 1947. The youngest child in an artistic and musical family, Wood was greatly influenced by his father, who played in a 24-piece band. His brothers became part of the British jazz and blues explosion of late 50's and early 1960's. Wood's interest in music, however, paralleled a passionate love of art and so began his studies at Ealing Art College, a meeting place for budding rock and rollers and the hot new rhythm and blues musicians. During his years in art school, Wood joined The Thunderbirds and when they broke up, he met up with Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart, and in 1967 the Jeff Beck Group was formed. Wood played the guitar, soon switching to bass, and the band became a major force in emergence of the America's hard rock underground. When the band broke up, Wood and Stewart teamed up and formed The Faces which became a legendary band. By 1974, Stewart's solo career was was taking priority and Wood's frequent appearances with The Rolling Stones, led to the band's demise. When Wood joined the Stones for "It's only Rock and Roll", however, his place in the band was secured.

What's amazing is that during his grand rise in the music world, Wood has simultaneously pursued his artistic talent in the visual arts. Life on the road and his many contacts with some of the world's most interesting people have given him the opportunity and rich material to produce a wealth of beautiful art.

Over the past 35 years, Wood's sketches of the personalities he's encountered and drawing of his friends and family, reveal a truly fine artist with keen observation who captures the moment resulting in strong but sensitive renderings. In addition to his powerful drawing, Wood has produced paintings, woodcuts, etchings and lithographs. He has shown his work in many exhibitions throughout Europe, Japan and the United States.

Today, Ronnie Wood is a happily married with four children, and living in London and Ireland.