Hood's Biography

Hood was born in 1965 in Tobago, an island in the Caribbean Sea. As part of the British Commonwealth artist's exchange program, Hood was fortunate to have studied at the Royal Academy of Art in London. While attending the Academy, Hood was greatly influenced by the landscapist George Stubbs, and this inspired Hood to concentrate on landscapes himself. Other artists who affected Hood's work are the famous landscapists Constable, Courbet, Monet, and especially Martin Johnson Heade a master of tropical landscapes.

During his education in London, Hood enjoyed painting expeditions to neighboring countries such as Germany and France. The picturesque wine country of France had a particularly important impact on Hood's painting which persists to this day.

Hood has an uncanny talent for capturing the verdant vineyards and the great meandering hillsides of France's interior. The enchanting villages and distant fertile fields are so keenly depicted, the onlooker feels absorbed into the scenic beauty. Hood, too, has a masterful brushstroke; meticulously detailing the foliage, capturing the charming stone cottages and depicting the essence of this magnificent countryside.

Today, Hood lives and paints in the coastal area of southeastern Georgia.