Matt Lively's Biography

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Matt Lively attended the Virginia Commonwealth University where he received a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Sculpture Major. Further, since 1988 he has traveled to Switzerland every Summer to build upon his artistic exposure. The sheer wonderment and fascination of the Alps and the countryside has enriched his ability more than any previous education.

Matt's work clearly demonstrates an obsession with the simplicity of objects and the play of a single piercing light source. A combination that results in a dramatic expression. Matt explains the ideals that spark his creative process; "In a world where the tempo has been set at 'hurry-scurry', I hope to convey the subtle and unpretentious energy of figurative objects and sculpted forms."

Matt moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1990 with his wife Wendy, who continues to encourage him to ignore the complex and concentrate on the uncomplicated and rewarding aspects of images and life. Matt has had the opportunity to display his work in several exhibitions throughout the United States.