Aldo Vimercati's Biography

Aldo Vimercati was born in the Tuscan village of Viccio, near Florence, Italy, in 1941. He was raised in a typically rustic environment. After the war, his family moved to Florence where his parents and teachers became aware of Aldo's passion for art. During the summers, the family spent their holidays in their father's native village of Camaldoli which impressed Aldo with its ancient beauty. Painting was his vocation and his parents gave the young boy every opportunity to express himself with the condition that he finish his studies and that he gets a degree.

With considerable effort Vimercati completed his classical studies, and in 1969 he entered an art competition which he won, and this allowed him to be able to attend the Academy of Arts where he devoted himself to painting. He spent many long summers in his native countryside and sold these country scenes to local art galleries.

Over these last years, Vimercati has painted a pictorial journey of the countrysides of France and Italy. His favorites are the ancient villages and gardens of these very romantic countries.