Gary Burtt's Biography
Artist Gary Burtt was bom in February 1963.

Inspired by the rolling countryside of Eastern Canada where he grew up, Burtt's earlier work encompassed the changing seasons; from the sparkling rebirth of spring to the dazzling hues of fiery autumn. Currently, Burtt's work has taken an exciting turn toward Pop Art. IFEs canvases, vibrant with color, portray the innocent play of childhood, and recall days of fun and happiness.

It is one of the artist's goals to brighten the world one canvas at a time. Paper and pen invariably poised, Burtt never misses an opportunity to sketch. Contemporary art techniques at the foundation of his earlier works, Burtt now prefers to set these techniques aside in an effort to expand his own artistic vision.

Gary Burtt's love of Pop Art reveals itself in the bright splashes of color he uses. Influenced by nature and his love of the tropics, Burtt's newly found artistic direction is directly linked to his spirited affinity with nature. An affinity which the artist hopes will bring a smile to the faces to anyone who views his work.