Daniel Varoujan's Biography
The paintings of Daniel Varoujan, filled with rich color and texture, hopes and dreams rival his own artistic journey. Born of Armenian parents in Aleppo, Syria, Varoujan began to paint almost as soon as he could hold a brush. Despite Varoujan's obvious talent, his father's dream was for his son to become a doctor, and he forbade his son to waste time with frivolous artistic pursuits.

Undeterred, Varoujan followed his heart and was recognized early on as a talent worthy of nurturing. Having already garnered prizes in national art competitions, Varoujan's work was selected for the inaugural exhibition of the new Museum of Aleppo. VIP's from the Russian Embassy attended the festive affair, and upon viewing Varoujan's paintings, invited him to further his art education in the Soviet Union. Varoujan became one of only seven students enrolled that year in the ultra-selective Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia. He was nineteen years old, and so began a remarkable career.

In the years that followed, he earned his Master's Degree, was made an Assistant Professor and began work on his Ph.D. He exhibited in Moscow, Kiev, and Leningrad, often having to give his paintings proper Soviet-sounding titles to fit the Socialist Realist Style of the day.

In 1979 when Varoujan left the Soviet Union for the U.S., he was denied the right to take even one of his paintings with him. Instead they were declared the property of the Soviet government. Since then, he has developed a loyal following for his evocative works, replete with engaging contrasts. His juxtapositions of figurative subjects with abstract backgrounds, bold palettes against soft, unique times and places, continuously challenge the beholder to understand the mystery of each creation.

Varoujan's work can be found in collections in Russia, Germany, the Middle East, Japan, France, and the United States.