Gholam Yunessi's Biography

Gholam Yunessi was born in Tehran, Iran, and began his journey into art at a very early age. He was fortunate to have one of Iran's most famous sculptors for an uncle who helped shape and nurture Yunessi's innate talent. Throughout high school, Yunessi's creativity continued to develop under the tutelage of the renowned Persian artist, Shaness, who instructed him in the intricacies of drawing and charcoal rendering. In high school, Yunessi continued his journey into the world of art by immersing himself into the realm of art history and the techniques of fine art.

After completing his college studies, Yunessi continued to create art, exhibited his work and began teaching art to young artists. It was during these years that Yunessi began traveling to Europe to widen his horizons and expose himself to the influences of the great masters. These experiences deeply influenced Yunessi, and his own personal style began to emerge.

Yunessi decided to move to the United States, where he continues to work, blending his near eastern origin with European and American influences. His work is rich in color, blending classical and contemporary styles in an appealing and powerful way. He is recognized for his work and exhibits throughout the world. In a recent interview Yunessi expressed his inspiration, "with technique and structure gained over a lifetime in art...each new work is an effort to bring together the elements of nature and the emotional qualities of humanity."