Augustin Rojas's Biography
Augustin Rojas was born in Lima, Peru in 1965. Rojas studied at the Escuela de Artes de Lima, where he graduated in 1992 with top honors. He also studied art in the ateliers of well known painters Jose Aldana and Miguel Niere.

Rojas paintings are powerful works of art. His studies of the nude figure exhibit his strength in drawing and a profound knowledge of anatomy. Rojas integrates line, form and color in his paintings and the results are forceful pieces. This artist has devoted his energy to the rediscovery of the nude figure. He considers his "neo-figurativisism" as a reflection of the most beautiful shapes and forms created by God.


Bienal Arte de los Noventa, National Library of Peru

De Dioses y Demonios, ICPNA Gallery

El Arte para Bien de los Ninos, Embassy of the USA

Mentras Lima Duerme, Banco de Comercia, Peru

XVI Concurso National de Pintura Mchell & Cia, Banco Continental

VII Exposition of Art 95 Stella Maris, Lima, Peru

The Gallery 98, Jewish Association of Peru, Lima, Peru

First Grand Group Exposition 94, Pimentel, Peru

Plastica 94, Miraflores, Lima, Peru