Felix Mas's Biography

Felix Mas was born in Barcelona, Spain. In 1974, He moved to Caracas, Venezuela and resided there until 1979. Today he divides his time between the United States and Barcelona. Mas exhibits his work extensively in Spain, the United States and Venezuela.

Mas considers himself part of the group of traditional painters whose fascination lies with the expressive potential of the human body. His models, clearly his ideals of femininity, fully express the tender beauty of women. Whether they are gazing into the distance, draping a mantle around their shoulder, or drifting into a daydream while caressing a musical instrument, the women have a charming beauty. Dressed exquisitely with ornaments in their hair and so naturally seductive, they seem to be unaware of their allure. The velvet softness of their eyes captivates the viewer. The combination of rich setting and their physical grace is achieved through a strong understanding between the painter and his model. A clear eye is needed to suggest the hidden beauty beneath the layers of finery.

There is a creative tension in the work; between his instinctive desire to achieve rich, harmonious color, and a self-imposed preoccupation with line and form. He uses intimacy as a tool to achieve beauty that takes us well beyond the painting itself Forgetting the technique and color, we sense that beneath his lyricism, his figures are offered up to us as precious objects of meditation.