Lee White's Biography

Lee White was born in Miami in 1948 and his journey through life as an artist began when he was twelve. In Miami, he received "the Mayor's trophy", for artists sponsored by Miami Herald.

Lee's journey then carried him to California where he began formal studies at different schools, such as, the California College of Commercial Design, City College of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Art League, and the University of Southern California. Advancing his studies, he then enrolled into the California Institute of Arts, where he received a degree in fine arts.

During the seventies and early eighties serigraphy became a strong medium for Lee's talents. He concentrated on this under the tutorship of his mentor, Warren Woodward, whom was the famed master of print making.

Lee developed a unique range of humanistic insight which he lays on each of his canvases. When humanistic art is expressed in figurative form, Lee White defines the complete figurative. They are textured emotions from the invisible smooth to the rawest raw,

The. varying cultures that he was exposed to, from his birth in Florida, to his upbringing in California, evolved through Lee into what we see today. After traveling to the more exotic islands of the Caribbean, he also absorbed their color and flavor.

His prolific work, original figuratives, abstract expressionism, still lifes and collage are in private and corporate collections. Today his works are widely exhibited in cities in the United States, Europe and throughout the world.