Janet Treby's Biography

Janet Treby was born in 1955, in the rustic countryside of England. As a child she led a solitary existence, spending hours drawing and painting. Embarking on an artistic career, Treby studied sculptures, ceramics, textiles and graphics at the Barnfield Art School. She then went on to earn a three-year degree in sculpture and printmaking at West Surrey College in 1977.

In 1978, Treby turned her attention to the business of printmaking, giving the artist another medium in which to express her ideas. She studied at the renowned Slade College of Art from 1978 until 1980, winning the prestigious titled of "Young Printmaker of the Year" from Lloyds Bank. She later went on to teach printmaking at Farnham College and at the Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford.

Treby found that her work in sculpture and the concentration on modeling the human form helped perfect her freehand immeasurably. She has always been fascinated by the way the body moves and strives to create a mixture of reality and fantasy by manipulating the human form to be at once both playful and sensual. This is one of the overriding themes in Treby's art; another is the liberation of the human spirit from its material constraints. Her style combines the traditional and the contemporary, her figures are shrouded, intertwining, ethereal, caressed in a sensual fusion of forms.


1976 Royal Society of Etchers England
1977 Touring Exhibition Australia
1980/82/84 Curwen Gallery England
1991 Royal Gallery England
1992 St. Helier Gallery Channel Islands
1993 Tias Gallery Tokyo, Japan
1994 Art Multiples Düsseldorf, Germany
1995/97 The Studio Longrove, USA
1998 The Ambassador Gallery New York, USA