Ramon Sendra's Biography

Ramon Sendra was born in Ronda, Malaga, a district in Spain, in 1960. He acquired most of his artistic technique and knowledge from 'La Escuela de Bellas Artes' in Malaga. He was noticed very early on in his career due to his diverse style, therefore giving him the opportunity to have been involved in several one-man shows & exhibitions throughout Spain and other parts of Europe.

Ramon is acknowledged as a painter who has been able to win the accolades of many of the much older European artists, despite his young age. His collection of oils is vast and his technique, exact and full of life ... everyday life. The paintings are a little view at the simpler pleasures in life; whether it be the rustic and aged appearance of a cottage door or the polished and manicured presentation of a flowered balcony.

"Full of life" is the best way to describe Sendra's images. His goal is to continue along the same path ... studying the charm and remnants of the days of yesterday and their effect today. Ramon will continue down his secure path with strength and healthy ambition, seeking the inspiration that moves his soul to create a little piece of perfection.