Jin Kam's Biography

Born in Shanghai, China in 1953, Jin G. Kam is an artist whose soul is wedded to music. Surrounding himself with music, Jin G. channels the sound as it flows through him into the image. He paints and the music explodes into colors, motions, and rhythms on to the canvas.

Jin G.'s talents attracted a Shanghai teacher specially educated in the traditional approaches to art and was influenced by his teacher. Later, during the cultural revolution, Jin G. and other youths worked in the cotton fields of Anhui. There, he expressed his art with drawings of country life, and joined with musicians to create musical events with painted back drops to share culture with the country people.

After graduating from Zhejiang Fine Art College, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Shanghai University College of Fine Arts invited him to instruct students in his unique sense of color. He received national honors and several of his works are currently hanging in the China Art Gallery in Beijing.

Since arriving in San Diego in 1989, he continues to explore his exciting style of synthesizing music and paint. Through his unique talent, temperament, and technique, Jin G. transposes melodies from ear to image.