Emanuel's Biography

Emanuel Mattini is an artist strongly influenced by music...his symbols are melodies played in textured form; a metamorphosis of the extension of music and art and the human form transposed to music. His work reflects a blend of the modern with the antique, emitting a resonance of quality.

These qualities were ingrained in Emanuel through his native Shiraz, the capital of the province of Fars in southwestern Iran. Shiraz lies nestled in a fold of the Zagros Mountains, the famed valley of poets and philosophers, where he was born in 1966.

The teachings of the poets and the philosophers were furthered at the Atlanta Institute of Art with extensive studies in painting and photography. This marriage of the discipline of photography with the controlled freedom of painting is evident in his use of perspective, shadow and light.

An accomplished serigrapher, he applies these skills in his present painting style...a painting style which reflects his thoughts. Heart, soul and dreams are recognizable to the viewers as uniquely Emanuel Mattini. His works appear in galleries and private collections throughout the world.