Cecilia Diaz's Biography

Bom in Peru, in the early 60s, Cecilia is showing potential as one of the most promising South American artists. Her determination and ambition astonishes the most severe art critics. It was once said that to finish her works for an exhibition, Cecilia worked for 3 consecutive days, suffering a severe case of exhaustion soon after the opening night.

Cecilia is one of the most fortunate painters, because she is one of the few artists that could work full-time, soon after concluding Art School. With the help of another student, both were able to establish themselves in the art circles in Peru and therefore survive the rough first few years.

Cecilia is one of the most versatile and prolific artists in South America. Such characteristics have allowed her to learn different techniques significantly faster than other artists.

After graduating from the Escuela de Artes de Lima, Cecilia has held more than a dozen exhibitions in prestigious spaces like the Galeria Pancho Fierro and the Russian-Peruvian Cultural Institute.