Cornejo's Biography

Born in Lixna, Peru and approximately 40 years old, Cornejo is one of the best upcoming painters in South America. Educated at the well known Escuela de Bellas Artes de Lima, Comejo has been carving a niche in the well competed traditional painting market with a special use of color, light and transparencies.

In terms of honors, among the most important ones should be mentioned the fact that he graduated in first place from the Escuela, which is quite significant because of high level of competition in the School. In addition, Cornejo obtained First Place in the Mitchell Contest, one of the most prestigious contests in Peru.
Cornejo has participated in dozens of exhibitions from which the most important are:

Banco Continental - Arequipa
Exposition at the Continental Bank - Lima
First Prize - Annual Compefition 'Michell y Cia.'
First Prize - "Rendimiento Academico en la carrera docente"

Annual Exposition BORKAS Gallery
Annual Exposition 2 "VS" Gallery - Lima
Annual Exposition National Bank - Lima
Banco Wiese - Lima
Annual Exposition "Escuela Nacional de BeUas Artes del Peru"

"Activar"- Casa Asamblea
V Exposition "Stella Maris" Club Naval Gallery

"Mancha Gris" - Casa Asamblea
Annual Exposition ENSABAP
IV Exposition of Art - Association Stella Maris