Jorge Urde's Biography

Jorge Urdiales, or "Urde", was born in Cajamarca, Peru in 1953. He resides today in Peru with his wife and child.

Urde studied civil engineering and architecture at the University of Cajamarca. His interest in art evolved and he studied painting at the School of Arts in Lima. Restoration studies followed at the School of Arts in Cuzco.

Urde's paintings are rich in style, reminescent of the sophisticated portraiture of European masters such as Gainsborough, Van Eyck and Rembrandt. Full figured depictions of regal personages are depicted in a grand way. Settings are filled with classical columns, lush fabrics and pastoral backdrops.

1978-1980  Galeria El Sol
1980   San Isidro Public Library
1981-1983  Galeria El Sol
1983   San Isidro Public Library
1984-1988  Galeria El Sol