Jean Louis Toutain's Biography

Jean Louis Toutain was born in Toulouse, France, in 1948. Toutain's artistic abilities became apparent at a very early age. When he was 14 years old he was enrolled at the L'Ecole de Beaux Arts, where he concentrated his studies on ceramics and the decorative arts.

Toutain's talents blossomed, and he embarked on a career in the arts that included a number of disciplines. This artist's creativity has been applied to the theatre, advertising, industrial design, and interior architecture.

In 1987, Toutain decided to concentrate all his effort and time on his own original creations. Toutain's whimsical creations have been exhibited in many national and international shows. In addition, Toutain has won art prizes and awards; for example, the medal for "Best Artistic Worker of France" in 1991 for his sculptural and decorative works, allowing him to be involved in the restoration of historical monuments and to create public sculptures.

Toutain's works can be found in many private collections in his native France, as well as Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Morocco and the United States.


Traveling Exhibition in Switzerland, Galerie Les Hirondelles
One Man Shows-Estillac, Moirax, Roquefort
Exhibition "Circus"-Pont de Chaume-Montauban

Grand Contemporary Art Market-Berlin, Germany
One Man Show-Galerie du Cloitre, Moissac

One Man Show-Galerie Multi-Art-Montreal, Canada
"Monument in the City"-Valence D'Agen, Rodez, Tornefeuille
One Man Show and Monument in the City-Galerie Dutilleul,Toulouse