Daniel Tobias's Biography

"Simplicity is the key to the door of wonder"

Daniel Tobias is a native Floridian who claims he was newly adopted by the fine state of Georgia. Tobias graduated recently from the University of Florida, where he has gained an eternal appreciation for the effortless achievement.

The effortlessness of being wildly decisive has opened many doors for this artist. He claims that his collage technique was derived when he accidently spilled paint on a number of his photographic prints. Rather than discard them, the artist's resourcefulness took over. Since that fateful day, Daniel has honed his building and designing skills so to elevate the collage to a higher form of vitality and decisiveness.

Tobias' ongoing visual training has given him experience in most facets of printing, photography and painting. Fusing these aspects of his visual history, he creates unified works of color and craftsmanship.


Full Circle Gallery- October, 1993, Gainesville, Florida
                             December, 1992, Gainesville, Florida

Artexpo New York- 1995


1st Annual Ahachua Music Harvest (stage and set design), January, 1994, Gainesville, FL

2nd Annual Ahachua Music Harvest (stage and set design), January, 1995, Gainesville, FL