Kim Tkatch's Biography

Born in the Ukraine in 1963, Kim Tkatch studied Fine Arts at the Kiev Art Institute in 1988. His earlier paintings expressed "mystical" feelings through cryptic patterns and mythical figures. In the early nineties, Tkatch emigrated to Israel where his style began to change.

Today his paintings have a more realistic perspective although his work has a magical flair. His still-life paintings come alive with juxtapositions of architecture, sculpture or Mediterranean vistas. There is always a cheeriness and warmth in his interior spaces. His exteriors are sun-filled, his colors rich and saturated, his images are romantic and intimate.

It is obvious that Tkatch understands the exuberant potential of his subjects. He uses his propensity as an illustrator to offer the viewer a new decorative insight into the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, the Grand Canal in Venice, or female figures lounging on a Mediterranean terrace.

Kim Tkatch's paintings have been exhibited in Israel, the United States, Russia, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Austria, and Australia. A prolific artist, his works can be found in private collections worldwide.

1985-91 - 4 Republic-2 City Shows in USSR
1992-93 - Museum Ein Harod, Israel
1993 - Hill Gallery, London
1994 - Art Frankfurt '94, Germany
1994 - "Narative", Tel Aviv
1995 - Art Expo, New York
1995 - Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv
1996 - Exodus Gallery. Jerusalem
1997 - International Print Triennial '97, Cracow