Norman Smith's Biography
Born in 1949, Norman Smith studied at Bristol in the early 1970's. After teaching in England and Australia, he set up his own studio in the countryside, where he was free to roam the fields and rivers in search of new subjects.

His work is predominantly pastel, a medium which is suited to both bold and gentle colors to depict the changing moods of the landscape. His interpretation of water and skies, captures the luminosity and softness of morning and evening light.

He is greatly attracted to coastal and marine subjects as these offer different challenges, a great variety of color and constant movement.

He exhibits in London and the counties, and his work has now begun to be bought by overseas galleries and collectors. His works now hang in collections in America, Australia and Hong Kong.

Century Gallery, Windsor
Peter Hedley Gallery, Wareham
John Noott 20th Century Gallery, Broadway
Carrian Gallery, Lincoln
The Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath
The Richmond Hill Gallery, London
Thompsons Gallery, London
The City Gallery, London