Igor Smirnov's Biography
Igor Smirnov was born in Russia, in 1952, the son of the famous Russian landscape artist, Vasili Smirnov. At an early age his father taught him to get inspiration from the "richness and beauty of the world", and to translate these feelings onto canvas. Today, Smirnov translates his memories into his own unique style of "metaphysical realism", a combination of realistic and abstract elements. Incorporating delicate colors and a distinctive technique of using a many layers of paint and unusual texturing, Smirnov's works are a harmonious fantasy of expression of his Russian heritage and his love of music.

Smirnov's art career started at the College of Fine Art, and then he obtained his Masters in Engineering Design at the Naval Academy, where his rich depth as an artist was enhanced by the knowledge of geometric forms and proportions. Later he spent two years restoring priceless icons and paintings for the Russian Museum and Museum of Urban Sculptures in St. Petersburg. From the early 1980's, he participated in the movement of nonconformist, or "underground" art in Russia, which attracted considerable attention in the Soviet Union and abroad. From 1982 through 1988, Smirnov took part in large and important "underground" art shows at the Kirov Palace of Culture, International Palace of Youth, Funds of Russian Contemporary Art tours of Germany in 1988 and the Soviet Union in 1989.

Igor Smirnov's work attracted the attention of John Whitehead, the U.S. Deputy of State, when he visited Moscow in December in 1987, in preparation for the historic meeting between President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Following Mr. Whitehead's personal request to Soviet Foreign Minister Mr. Shevardnadze, the artist got permission to emigrate to the United States.

Today, Smirnov resides in Los Angeles, he has gained world wide recognition, and his work is found in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe and Russia.

1998 - Sutton Place Hotel Gallery, Newport Beach, CA
1997 - JAN Galleria, Solo Exhibit, La Jolla, CA
1997 - Frame of Mind Gallery, Solo Exhibit Las Vegas, Nevada
1997 - Art Sellers Co. , San Juan Capistrano, CA
1997 - Art Brilliant Gallery-Museum, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
1996 - Art Brilliant Co., Ltd., Solo Exhibit, Tokyo, Japan
1995 - ARTEXPO NEW YORK '95, New York, New Yok
1991-94 - Gail Roff Fine Art, Sea Beach, CA
1989-94 - ARTEXPO CAL, Los Angeles, CA